Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 4th, New Pool, and a Garden of Weeds...

This will be a post of mostly pictures due to dinner in the oven and a stack of coupons waiting to be clipped!  When I started couponing, I was using the binder method.  But clipping them all became overwhelming and I switched to keeping the whole newspaper inserts, writing the dates on the front, and just clipping the ones I needed before going to the store.  Now that I have more time I am clipping and using the binder method again.  I'm playing catch-up so it's taking a while to get it all together.  I just read this book:

And I wish I'd bought it in January!  You can order your own at .  If you're just getting started, you won't regret buying it.  I think I would've snagged better deals if I'd read it from the beginning.

We had a nice July 4th celebration a day early.  Aunts, uncles, and cousins came to visit.  Babies were passed around.  It's nice to be surrounded with those you love.

We bought a cute baby pool with a whale that squirts water.  Caleb loves the pool, but doesn't care for the sprinkler on it.  Here are some too cute for words pictures of my little water baby.

 Just woke up from a nap...still warming up.

Mmmm this tastes good!

  Warmed up and standing up!  Chris had to hold onto him to keep him from crawling out!

 My favorite from the day...Those big eyes.  And cute little ears...he fills my cup.  Yep, to the top. 

How do you know when a water baby has had enough?  He lets you know!  Don't you worry!

Hope you had fun on the 4th too!

We started a garden this year.  We had great intentions.  We were going to have so many vegetables that we'd have to can them, bake bread, give to neighbors!  Ha!  Well, we have had veggies, some grew better than others.  I did make zucchini bread!  But I'm not sure we can brag yet this year.  Our company had a few jokes about our garden of crab grass.  Hiding in this garden of weeds...were some BIG vegetables.  They were hidden good!  Check them out!

I started cutting a squash and noticed it was hollow in the center.  I was a little worried that a friendly worm may come crawling out of it's new tasty home.  Thankfully it didn't!  I now understand how squash and pumpkin are in the same family!  The seeds were so big they looked like pumpkin seeds!  So I did what anyone would do!  I carved a squash-o-latern!

I am ending this post with a few Cherrios eating pictures, because I don't think you can get much cuter than that!

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