Monday, January 2, 2012

What I Love About Right Now

If there is one thing you learn when you become a parent it is just how quickly time flies right past you. It's almost cruel how quickly it goes! I have also learned to enjoy and appreciate each age and stage because something new is always coming! What I love about motherhood right now is having a toddler. Caleb is getting so smart and figuring so many things out. It truly blows me away. I love to stare at his sweet baby face while he is sleeping. He still looks like a baby then. The chubby cheeks and little kissy mouth are still the same. But once he wakes up, I am reminded within seconds that he is no baby...he is all TODDLER!

He knows where his eyes, nose, mouth, and toes are although he doesn't always point to it when I ask, I know he knows. His favorite is nose, which he always identifies by putting his finger in a nostril (his own, or ours...he doesn't discriminate).

He loves to pretend he is talking on the phone. Usually the "phone" is a train track, remote control, toy car, his hand...anything other than a phone. He is so animated and even throws up his hands and talks with them too. It cracks me up. He throws in a fake laugh here and there also. He most definitely is going to be a talker!

He doesn't meet a stranger, EVER. He strikes up a "conversation" with anyone, anywhere. If someone gives him the slightest bit of attention, he just keeps showing off. I am glad he's not as shy as I was/am. He gets this after Chris for sure!

He is a daredevil! He has very little fear. Which is good and bad! His new tricks are climbing into the kitchen and dining room chairs on his own (he perfected climbing onto the couch long ago), crawling under the highchair and pushing it across the room while crawling underneath with his hands in front of him on the bar, crawling into the bathtub on his own, and he even climbed onto the dining room table on his own once. I see emergency room visits in our future. He is all boy!

He is saying more and more words. So far he's said:

Hey - Haaaay
Bye Bye - Buh bye
Dada (or DA! Everyone is DA! But most often he is calling Chris or my Dad DA)
All Done - Ah Duh
Nose - Nuh
Mouth - Muh
Ball - ba
Banana - Nah na
No - Nuh or Nah
Bird - Bir
Woof Woof - Wuh Wuh (everything woofs. Elephants, cows, cats, lions, dinosaurs. Bet you didn't know that, did you?)
Night Night - Nigh Nigh

I am probably forgetting something but those are the words I know off the top of my head.

He is obsessed with cars or anything with wheels. I didn't know kids made car noises so young but anything with wheels is "brmm, brmm!" I was trying to put him into his carseat as a tractor was driving by (yep, on our road. We live across the street from cows) and he turned around and stood up in the carseat. I gave up, took him out and let him wave bye to the tractor as it rode past. He was in awe and later waved and told it buh bye from the front door.

I lined up all his rubber duckies in the bathtub and he has done it several times since then. I have a duck song too that he tries to copy and makes the ducks quack and lifts them up as they quack/sing.

Caleb just started pretending to read. Tonight I took a bath with him and he handed me a bath book then took one for himself and began reading. He said "bye!" and closed it when he was done.

I have enjoyed watching Caleb learn new things over the past 16 months and look forward to watching him continue to learn more and more and learn new words. It is so much fun to watch things through your child's eyes. It's like seeing it for the first time again. I am so proud to be a mother. I want to be the best mother I can be, because Caleb deserves it.

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  1. It is truly amazing watching them at this age! I remember when Gracie started saying new words and seemed to pick up on something new daily! They are soaking it all in!