Saturday, July 16, 2011

Drinkin' it in

Your little body cradled in my arms reminds me that you're still my baby.  The soft light coming from the stairwell syrups your chubby legs and Fred Flintstone feet and shadows every dimple in your elbow and hand.  Your slow deep sucks slow down even more then come in spurts as you begin to drift to sleep.  One little finger rubs your eyes as you try to rub away the sleepies, but eventually you cave.  Your little mouth falls open, dribbling milk onto your cheek and your whole body softens.  I move you to my chest and feel your sweet little body mold to my chest and your tummy inhale and exhale.  I want to drink this moment in.  This is what motherhood is about.  This love that is richer than all others.  I love you my sweet boy.  For now and always.

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