Monday, August 8, 2011

Great Intentions

I take a LOT of pictures on my phone.  I take pictures of Caleb of course but I also take pictures of random things and I think, "I am going to write about this on my blog!"  And 99% of the time they don't end up here.  I don't know how Mamas find the time to blog daily, or even weekly, to be honest.  I'd like to write more often.  For myself more than anyone else really.  I like to preserve memories with words and pictures.  It just doesn't happen as often as I wish it did.  So here's a condensed blog of some things from the past couple weeks. 

The garden has died.  Chris mowed over it, except the tomatoes.  He dug up potatoes yesterday and we had a cheesy potato bake tonight.  It was pretty yummy if I do say so myself!  I hope next year we do even better with our errr...harvest!  I've made two batches of salsa.  I felt very domestic!

Chris has taken Caleb off for a couple Daddy/Son dates lately, and I have to admit, it's been nice!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being home with my boy all day everyday!  Everyday Caleb does something that makes me laugh, something that makes me think about just how lucky I am, something that makes me pick him up and squeeze him tight (even though sometimes I should leave him be and let him do whatever it is he is doing).  However, I do miss me time a little.  So what did I do last week?  A little laundry, cleaned up my kitchen, then made a pot of coffee.  I went to pour the coffee and realized that all my small black mugs were in the dishwasher and reached for this one instead. 

So what if it's August!

I made myself a peanut butter n' fluff sandwich with my new FAVORITE peanut butter!  We ordered a 6-pack from Amazon.  Heaven I tell ya!  Heaven!
And I clipped coupons.  One day I WILL be all caught up!  My binder will be full of all in date coupons, neatly clipped and filed and there will be NO piles of coupons on a table!  A girl can dream right?
If you love these pages as much as I do, head over the the KrazyCouponLady's website and print some.  They're FREE and help to keep things organized.

It's important to have some me time.  To do whatever it is that makes you happy.  Mamas need that.  And so do Daddys.  :)

Well, my baby is ready for bed which means I'm ready for bed!  I guess I will stop here and pick up later.  I will add a few pictures of my sweetheart. 

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